Promotion Notice

Damex.io and our group of companies started as a Gibraltar regulated business serving global clients since 2017. The Damex.io group continues to operate OTC and EMI services from Gibraltar, with a separate presence and operations in Europe in relation to its Retail and aspects of B2B IBAN services and offerings.

Since 2017, the Damex.io group has been regulated and has implemented various leading standards in relation to customer care, communications and integrity. This means that we have been ensuring that, among other things, we provide our services and communications to clients and the public in a manner that is transparent, not misleading, fair and honest.

Regulatory changes

With a maturing regulatory environment around Digital Assets in the regions we service, Damex.io continues to improve and implement changes in relation to communications that uphold standards of clear communications that contain fair and honest information.

Notwithstanding our efforts to lead and build on good practices, until there may be a more harmonised regulatory environment across the regions we serve, we are required to frequently revise how we communicate with customers and the public, particularly in relation to promotions. This means that due to regulatory changes, we may need to change how we communicate with you depending on where you may be resident.

United Kingdom

With effect from the 8 October 2023, as a result of regulatory changes in the United Kingdom in the form of the Financial Promotion Rules and their applicability to crypto assets, we have introduced measures that change how we communicate with UK residents. Among the changes, we have introduced and continue to introduce further prominent risk disclaimers as well as other measures to prevent UK residents accessing particular promotions. In addition to this, we are taking more considerable measures to be able to provide full Digital Asset promotions as well as taking the steps to pursue full registration in the United Kingdom with the FCA in relation to the services that we may wish to provide.

If you have an account with us, these changes will not affect your account. Your account, balances and access to services should continue as normal.

As a resident in the UK, if you wish to find out more information or receive updates please consider our UK specific social media channels and web-pages.

This page will be updated from time to time. For any particular enquiries please email [email protected].

12 October 2023.

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