Delisting Notice

Damex reserves the right to delist, temporarily disable or review any project or digital asset from the Damex ecosystem at any time and for any reason without the obligation to state the reason for delisting.

Damex carefully considers its obligations and reasons for delisting and once delisting is considered by Damex’s listing team then a delisting process commences.

Damex will consider a delisting review process including but not limited to the following circumstances:

  • A clear breach of market integrity practices – Damex has reasonable suspicion to believe that the project its employees, agents or affiliates have or may be involved in poor market integrity practices that include but are not limited to insider trading, spoofing, wash trading/volume and price manipulation. The more that Damex users and public users at large will stand to be exploited by any unethical bad practices, the more severe the default.
  • A breach of obligations and/or representations as set out in the project’s whitepaper, technical paper or other material documentation;
  • An event that would or may in Damex’s estimation bring Damex or the project into disrepute;
  • The project is not cooperating with Damex’s reasonable requests, warnings, guidelines and/or has failed to maintain appropriate communication channels with Damex;
  • The project’s team, employees, agents or contractors are suspected or are involved in unethical or fraudulent activity;
  • The project uses funds for a purpose or in a manner not previously set out in the project’s information and/or documentation;
  • Damex has reason to believe that the project / digital asset, its principals, staff or associated parties may be or is undergoing an investigation by any competent authority in any jurisdiction;
  • A considerable change in the project’s risk profile;
  • A considerable change of reputation, community involvement or support and/or trading volumes;
  • A potential breach or infringement of any third party’s intellectual property;
  • Other material risks that may adversely affect Damex’s reputation.

The delisting process will start with an internal review and investigation of any potential threats to a project or digital asset’s listing. Should Damex decide to delist a project and/or digital asset, then Damex will endeavour to provide as much advance reasonable notice as possible to the project to clients with informative, transparent and open announcements.

Damex may disable trading or any activity of a digital asset within Damex’s ecosystem. It is the Client’s responsibility to check for information relating to the listing, status or delisting of a digital asset. Damex may disable digital asset withdrawals or deposits during a notice period. If a client does not withdraw a digital asset within a given notice period then Damex may deactivate withdrawals where clients may be charged a custody fee until they withdraw the asset or Damex may convert the digital asset into a stablecoin using market value and credit the client’s account with the value in stablecoins.

Damex may detail the fee and other consequences should users or clients not manage the affected digital assets in the manner prescribed by Damex. Damex retains its rights at its sole discretion to set out any delisting procedure, withdrawal procedures and other consequences on a case by case basis. There are times where Damex’s approach to the listing or delisting of assets is determined by market circumstances. There may be instances where due to market circumstances, such as market price of assets or technical issues, Damex may need to limit withdrawals or trading activity altogether and these are changes that are outside of the control of Damex.

Risk Warning And No Liability

Damex shall remain free from liability for the listing or delisting of any project or digital asset.

Damex’s measures, process and due diligence in respect of any project or digital asset provides no guarantee, representation or warranty (express or implied) in respect of any project or digital asset’s suitability, investment prospects, security, reputation or legality. Damex’s review processes and any decision to list or delist are not positive or adverse statements or indications or recommendations for any user or client to buy, sell or otherwise manage a digital asset in any particular manner. In particular Damex does not provide any statement, representation, guarantee or warranty (express or implied) as to whether any particular project is fit for purpose or in respect of any potential earnings, profitability or losses.

Damex holds no responsibility or liability for delisting a digital asset.

To the extent permitted by law, Damex shall not be held liable for any damages, loss of profit, loss of revenue, loss of opportunity, loss of data, or indirect or consequential loss. Trading with digital assets involves a significant amount of risk. For more information about risks, please read our Terms of Service, Section Risk Warning.

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