Our Culture

We are dynamic, we are progressive, we are united.

We belong to something bigger than ourselves.
We are more than colleagues.
We are #DAMfam!

Our culture consists of a fusion of three unique components

Founded in 2017

When we founded this company in 2017, one of our main focal points was to create a unique work environment and to take care of our people above all else. This remains and will continue to be the main focus point as we expand globally.


One of our biggest assets as a company is our Team and we believe we have one of the best teams in the crypto space. The #DamFam represents our family Culture as a team and we come to work every day, focused on hitting goals and enjoying the journey together.

Growing Presence

Our current Head Quarters are in Gibraltar, and we have over 50 staff in 7 countries

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Mobile Payments

Your Instant, Easy, and Safe Mobile Payment App

Exchange of fiat and digital assets

Simplify Your Asset Exchange Experience


We’ve got the right solution to keep your funds safe

Step gamification

Turn Your Finances into a Rewarding Adventure!!

Damex Co-branded Visa Card

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Unlock the True Potential of Your Finances

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Helping medium and high-risk clients improve the efficiency and profitability of their global payments processes


Accessing corporate bank accounts has become more and more difficult over recent years, particularly for companies deemed to be medium or high risk.

Custody Solutions

Damex offers three alternative custody solutions.

About us

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We are dynamic, we are progressive, we are united.


We are dedicated to make ownership and management of Digital Assets simplified.