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Simply put, Damex is a payment platform. When you sign up with us you’ll receive:


A Damex debit card
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What is our mission?


Our mission is to connect health and wealth like never before

Since 2017


Established in 2017, assisting the buying, managing, sending and storing of digital assets within a regulated environment.

Over €2B processed to date


Start accepting digital asset payments today with our OTC desk, cross border remittance and digital asset custody solutions.

Dedicated to making Digital Assets simple and secure.


Working with you to further the future of Digital Assets and the use of distributed ledger technologies.

Fully Regulated


Damex is an authorized EMI distributor under MODULR Finance, registered by the FCA, which allows Damex to issue IBANS and sort codes to clients within the Damex ecosystem

Message from our CEO

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Damex Co-branded Visa Card

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Helping medium and high-risk clients improve the efficiency and profitability of their global payments processes


Accessing corporate bank accounts has become more and more difficult over recent years, particularly for companies deemed to be medium or high risk.

Custody Solutions

Damex offers three alternative custody solutions.

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We are dedicated to make ownership and management of Digital Assets simplified.